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Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hassles

Moving from manual timesheets or a bundy clock 
TIME-MINDER's computerised time and attendance products will save you up to 6% of your annual total payroll. The savings fall into three main areas.

  • Raw time savings from eliminating data entry (no data entry from clock-on through to payroll except for corrections and alterations); if you have a manual job-costing system, the savings here are even more pronounced. Job-timing comes standard with Time-Minder systems.
  • Eliminating human error (employees tend to complain more when underpaid than overpaid!)
  • "Compliance": eliminating time-clipping and shortcutting -- five minutes here and there adds up very fast.

Eliminate buddy punching

TIME-MINDER's new biometric TM23K timeclocks make buddy punching (where employees swipe on for each other) a thing of the past. MORE

Cut out data entry and human error

Studies would show that employees are more likely to point out payroll errors when underpaid than overpaid. That is, human error is a cost on business.

No more bundy card storage

Click here to send a sales enquiry now. TIME-MINDER offers personalised sales and support throughout Australia. Follow this link for MORE.

Download a spreadsheet to calculate the savings you could make with an Time-Minder system here

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